Finding accurate, unbiased, up to date information about implants isn’t easy.

If you’re thinking about getting implant surgery of any sort, then this new website is for you. Written by doctors and dentists [not marketers and website designers] with over 50 years combined medical experience.

0800Implants is the fast, easy and private way to find out all you’ll need to know before your first consultation. This information isn’t intended to take the place of a well trained medical professional – that’s essential before you undergo any form of treatment.

We want you to be well informed so that you can make better decisions…helped by your consultant.

Using this step-by-step guide you’ll discover:

  • what your options are
  • the risks as well as the benefits of implants
  • the common mistakes to avoid with implant surgery
  • what to expect – from consultation to full recovery
  • the complications
  • the prices
  • the pain factor, scarring, swelling, recovery times, when you can return to work
  • pictures and videos
  • how to choose the right consultant for you
  • the consultation itself…essential questions to ask
  • FAQs about implants and implant surgery

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